Functional Medicine meeting

I went to a meeting tonight by a local medical center, spotlighting a new Functional Medicine doctor on staff. 

They invited people in the community who have autoimmune issues to attend and learn how FM could help them.

I was able last minute to attend and am so glad I did! I had a chance to share my personal story of my autoimmune struggles and how implementing a more plant-based diet and Functional Medicine helped me get rid of my autoimmune issues. 

People talked to me afterwards and asked questions and we all shared our common problems we had (many of them still have) and it was great to have a group of people where we could all relate, understand and support each other. 

I hope my story helped some people there realize this REALLY can help. It can potentially reverse autoimmunity. And I’m so glad there’s a new doctor out there who realizes this is how to help improve health and can help others. 

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