Can Autoimmune Diseases Be Treated Without Drugs?

Dr. Joel Fuhrman recently posted an article by this title on his website:

Can Autoimmune Diseases Be Treated Without Drugs?

Countless people have been able to reduce the symptoms or even reverse the diseases completely by incorporating a plant-based diet, certain supplements and Functional Medicine care into their lives.  I can attest to this as a viable solution which answers the question as yes, autoimmune diseases CAN be treated without drugs, or with minimal drugs needed.

Autoimmune diseases affect 23.5 million Americans, officially (only factoring in 24 of the autoimmune diseases). The AARDA states the number is likely closer to 50+ million when all autoimmune diseases (80-100) are factored in. They are in the top 10 causes of death for people under 65 and cost over $100 billion annually in health care. To put it in perspective, cancers only cost $57 billion. Heart disease costs $200 billion. Which, ironically, adopting a plant-based diet can also help prevent heart disease and cancer in some cases.

This is an issue that affects everyone. Many businesses lose money due to employees out from work because of autoimmune diseases, it costs more in healthcare, and potentially even more in long term disability or social security costs. Yet a lot of these issues could be reduced tremendously just by changing to a healthier diet.


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