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10 Years!

It was ten years ago today I started my path to reversing my autoimmune disease. And not one day do I take for granted. Having gone through years of pain, frustration and uncertainty, I do not want to face that again. Knowing how to treat my digestive tract, I will always remain cautious about what I eat and how I’m handling my health. I was given a second chance at my health and I want to do well with it. I hope you may find some encouragement that it can be reversed. With the right doctors, the right medication, the right supplements, the right diet and the right attitude, you can beat this too!

Track your autoimmune symptoms! – www.flarewatch.com

I don’t normally write posts about websites, but I found this one today and was quite impressed.

It is a site where you can track your autoimmune symptoms – for specific autoimmune diseases.  Therefore, if you have RA, it will help you track issues common to RA.  Sjogrens?  Can track for those symptoms.

It also allows you to generate reports (as well as charts/graphs) that you can show to your rheumatologist to help your treatment better.

Using functional medicine and adopting a more plant-based diet should help relieve your symptoms and possibly reverse your disease (like it has with me), and this can help track your progress!

It looks like it is free, and they are working on developing apps for Android and iPhone.  They are on Twitter – @flarewatch and on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/FlareWatch/189586751068436

Here is their website:

One year anniversary!


Today marks the one year anniversary in which I started my treatment with Functional Medicine (which is a form of regular medicine) and adopting a more plant-based diet to help reverse my autoimmune issues, as well as this blog to tell about it. 

The treatment allowed me to come off all autoimmune medications – except thyroid hormones for hypothyroidism – which I am still on at this point.

One year later and I am still doing well and still off my medications.  I go to see my Functional Medicine doctor later this month for a check up and to see if we need to do more or not.

Keep in mind, this is not a sprint – it is a marathon.  It took years of damage build up before my body became autoimmune, and then I was autoimmune for 8 yrs before treatment began, so it could take another couple of years before all of the damage from the years of autoimmune disease and medications for the disease heals totally.

Everything seems fine and I already consider myself “normal” again.  Dare I say – cured.  I will keep you posted as to how things are health-wise with me and hope that if you too have an autoimmune disease, you’ll consider this treatment since it WORKS!

Thank you for being with me so far on this journey!  I hope you will continue with me as I try to spread the word about this better way to treat and even reverse autoimmune diseases.