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10 Years!

It was ten years ago today I started my path to reversing my autoimmune disease. And not one day do I take for granted. Having gone through years of pain, frustration and uncertainty, I do not want to face that again. Knowing how to treat my digestive tract, I will always remain cautious about what I eat and how I’m handling my health. I was given a second chance at my health and I want to do well with it. I hope you may find some encouragement that it can be reversed. With the right doctors, the right medication, the right supplements, the right diet and the right attitude, you can beat this too!

The Fungus Among Us

Those little yeasty beasties!  They wreak such havoc!

What am I talking about?  I’m talking about candida yeast.  Candida is naturally found in our bodies, but it can get out of control, become fungal and cause some MAJOR problems.

(Here’s the link to the video above: What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome? )

How candida gets out of control (major causes):

  • Overuse of and/or not finishing courses of antibiotics
  • Birth control pills/prednisone/hormones
  • Western diet

Taking antibiotics kills off not only “bad” bacteria and yeast, but also the “good” bacteria and yeast.  Unfortunately the bad bacteria and yeast tend to repopulate much quicker than the good, and they can start taking over your intestinal tract slowly.

Taking hormones can also upset the normal hormonal balance in the body, creating more favorable conditions for candida yeast to overgrow.

Finally, the Western Diet, which is high in processed foods, mainly a lot of wheat and sugar, exacerbates the problem.  Eating products with wheat just adds more yeast to the system, and yeast feeds off of sugar!  How do you think alcohol drinks are made such as beer?  They add yeast, and then sugar to feed the yeast to let it ferment and create alcohol…. which leads to my next point.

Yes, if you have candida yeast overgrowth, your body is producing alcohol.  This is then in turn making your body more acidic (which is a more favorable condition for yeast to grow even more).  Your body starts to become very toxic.

Once the candida yeast starts overgrowing in this acidic environment – your intestinal tract – it takes on a fungal form.  The rhizomes (roots) of this fungus then start to penetrate the walls of your intestinal tract, causing Leaky Gut Syndrome.  This allows unprocessed proteins from the foods you eat to escape out of your digestive system and into your body cavity.  Your immune system thinks these escaped proteins are foreign invaders and start to attack these proteins.

However, your own tissues that make up your organs, muscles, etc. are made of protein!  Hence, your immune system then attacks other proteins in your body that look the same as these escaped proteins….  causing autoimmunity.

Therefore, the candida yeast must be brought under control, the gut allowed to heal, the immune system and inflammation calmed down, and the body can try to return to normal.

What to do?  Avoid eating the Western Diet so much.  Eat a more plant-based diet.  Avoid sugar.  Try xylitol or stevia for sweeteners instead.  If you must take antibiotics, FINISH them, and take probiotics before, during and after the antibiotic treatment to help keep your system populated with good bacteria.  Limit or completely avoid alcohol.  Alcohol introduces yeast into the system, creates a more acidic environment, and continues to toxify an already toxic system.

Lupus – The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

“This can’t be happening.  Why did this happen to me?  How did I get sick?  Is there a cure?  Will I die from this?”

All too common, a diagnosis of Lupus or some other autoimmune disorder comes as a shock.  It doesn’t seem possible.  It strikes in the midst of youth disrupting every aspect of life.  Even with family history, you still somehow think it won’t happen to you.  I know… that was me not too long ago.

When first diagnosed, I felt alone.  Who could understand what I was going through?  These diseases are so rare, or so I thought.  Autoimmune disorders are more common than many people think.  Many times, people can APPEAR to be “normal” and yet be suffering in silence with a painfully destructive disease.  Odds are you have a friend, family member or co-worker with an autoimmune disease.  So why are they so common?

The problem is lack of education of the truth…  plain and simple.

We grow up eating sugary cereals, fried foods and sodas without any concern as to how that diet affects us.  We get sick and get pumped full of antibiotics thinking that will help us get better.  We are stressed out with school, work, relationships, and assume it’s only affecting us mentally and emotionally.  The problem is, living a traditional Western world lifestyle is what is making us sick.

We are educated as to what we THINK makes us healthy and happy:  balancing the food groups, taking medicine that our doctors tell us to take, and working hard.  The problem is, this is generally what is making us all sick.

Our planet provides natural foods and water for us to eat and drink.  Pastries, processed foods, foods cooked to the point of being nutritionally empty and many medications are not natural and our bodies aren’t designed to handle these without consequences.  Just like the plumbing in your home, we know to be mindful of what goes down the drain since absent plumbing care causes clogs to form or the pipes can be eroded.  The foods and medications we take can likewise clog or erode our “plumbing” as well as upsetting the balance of normal flora.

When we are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, we learn that means that our bodies are attacking themselves.  Why would our immune systems, designed to attack foreign material/invaders, suddenly start attacking our own tissues?  It’s because there’s something else going on.  Lupus, the wolf, or other autoimmune diseases are actually a smoke screen.  The true cause of the autoimmunity is hidden, and is simple.  The quiet sheep.  Infections.

“What?!  If I had an infection, my doctor would have found it.”  Actually, likely not.  Doctors are trained to look for horses, not zebras.  In other words, given certain symptoms, they look for the likely problem, and not the unlikely problem since those rarely occur.  Not only that, but medicine is changing all of the time.  We used to think bloodletting was normal and something called “germs” was a crazy notion.

In the past few decades newer medical research has been done which has led many doctors to realize that many autoimmune disorders may actually be caused by underlying infections.  These infections along with our diets and meds, exacerbated by stress are causing our autoimmunity.  Overuse of (and not finishing) antibiotics, poor eating and sleeping habits and stress allow bad bacteria and yeast to overgrow in our system, wiping out beneficial bacteria, and perforating holes in our intestinal tract causing leaky gut syndrome.

60-70% of our immune system is located in our intestinal tract.  Once this delicate balance has been upset, it isn’t hard to now understand how our immune systems can be so greatly affected by how we live our lives.

This information may be new to you.  For many doctors, they still may just treat the symptoms of autoimmunity and not try to even look for a cause.  But for others, they are realizing the cause, treating it, and subsequently releasing the grip autoimmunity has on many people’s lives.

Don’t be afraid of the big, bad wolf… it’s just a sheep after all.