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Honey Honey… ahh Sugar Sugar


People have a love affair with sugar.  Americans especially can’t seem to get enough of this delectable sweetness dancing on their tongues.  Unfortunately, increased consumption of sugar generally leads to numerous health issues including heart disease, diabetes and of course, autoimmune issues.

If you have difficulties cutting out sweets completely, please try to use what I refer to as “analogs.”  Refer to my Healthier Food Options page for ideas.  Generally, some are just replacing sugar with stevia.  Instead of HFCS laden sodas, try some sweetened with stevia (ie: Zevia).  Agave syrup may be a good option.  Possibly even using natural fruits as sweeteners.  Gradually reduce intake of sugar or any type of sweeteners.

As always, please check with your doctor(s) regarding any health issues you may have and good healthy, natural options to improve your health.


Research Shows Disruption of Intestinal Flora by Diet Can Lead to Autoimmunity

I have to thank Xymogen for posting this article on their Facebook page.

This is a medical research article from the journal, Immunology, just released last week.  This article verifies what Functional Medicine doctors have long been stating (as well as I have) – that the very cause of autoimmune disorders is as simple as an imbalance of the intestinal flora due to diet and overuse/misuse of antibiotics.  If the imbalance is corrected, so is the autoimmune disorder. 

Treat the underlying intestinal issues, change to a plant-based diet.  Autoimmune cure.  Simple. 

This is the very way in which I have reversed my own Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

A link to the article is below, and I will also have the PDF on my Media page.