A Case Report of a 53-Year-Old Female with RA and Osteoporosis – Reversing them with CAM therapy

Case Report RA reversed Functional MedicineWhat is CAM therapy? It is the marriage of conventional medicine with alternative medicine. For example, using medication, but also acupuncture. This can also be considered a form of Functional Medicine. Functional medicine utilizes traditional medicine, but in conjunction with dietary changes (more plant-based) and exercise. As simple yet profound as this is – eating right and exercising CAN prevent and reverse many medical conditions.

Here is a pdf article about a case study done on a 53 year old woman with RA and osteoporosis. This journal was obtained through the National Institutes of Health. This woman had a high ANA as well as other positive autoimmune lab tests. And here is the end result: “After one year of therapy, the patient experienced significant resolution of all subjective symptoms and was able to discontinue her medications. ANA and RF levels had normalized, indicating clinical remission of arthritis. She also experienced improvement in bone density, 30 pounds of weight loss, and improvements in sleep and menopausal symptoms.”

Her case sounds similar to me in that I too started my treatment last year with lupus, RA and osteoporosis (from prednisone), although I am much younger, I too have been able to come off my meds and am feeling much better. There are plenty of cases from the past few decades of people like us who have been helped by Functional Medicine.

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