The Fungus Among Us

Those little yeasty beasties!  They wreak such havoc!

What am I talking about?  I’m talking about candida yeast.  Candida is naturally found in our bodies, but it can get out of control, become fungal and cause some MAJOR problems.

(Here’s the link to the video above: What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome? )

How candida gets out of control (major causes):

  • Overuse of and/or not finishing courses of antibiotics
  • Birth control pills/prednisone/hormones
  • Western diet

Taking antibiotics kills off not only “bad” bacteria and yeast, but also the “good” bacteria and yeast.  Unfortunately the bad bacteria and yeast tend to repopulate much quicker than the good, and they can start taking over your intestinal tract slowly.

Taking hormones can also upset the normal hormonal balance in the body, creating more favorable conditions for candida yeast to overgrow.

Finally, the Western Diet, which is high in processed foods, mainly a lot of wheat and sugar, exacerbates the problem.  Eating products with wheat just adds more yeast to the system, and yeast feeds off of sugar!  How do you think alcohol drinks are made such as beer?  They add yeast, and then sugar to feed the yeast to let it ferment and create alcohol…. which leads to my next point.

Yes, if you have candida yeast overgrowth, your body is producing alcohol.  This is then in turn making your body more acidic (which is a more favorable condition for yeast to grow even more).  Your body starts to become very toxic.

Once the candida yeast starts overgrowing in this acidic environment – your intestinal tract – it takes on a fungal form.  The rhizomes (roots) of this fungus then start to penetrate the walls of your intestinal tract, causing Leaky Gut Syndrome.  This allows unprocessed proteins from the foods you eat to escape out of your digestive system and into your body cavity.  Your immune system thinks these escaped proteins are foreign invaders and start to attack these proteins.

However, your own tissues that make up your organs, muscles, etc. are made of protein!  Hence, your immune system then attacks other proteins in your body that look the same as these escaped proteins….  causing autoimmunity.

Therefore, the candida yeast must be brought under control, the gut allowed to heal, the immune system and inflammation calmed down, and the body can try to return to normal.

What to do?  Avoid eating the Western Diet so much.  Eat a more plant-based diet.  Avoid sugar.  Try xylitol or stevia for sweeteners instead.  If you must take antibiotics, FINISH them, and take probiotics before, during and after the antibiotic treatment to help keep your system populated with good bacteria.  Limit or completely avoid alcohol.  Alcohol introduces yeast into the system, creates a more acidic environment, and continues to toxify an already toxic system.


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