Forks Over Knives – MUST SEE!!!!

This film premiered in Dallas at the Landmark Magnolia theater this past Friday night, May 13.  I pre-ordered my tickets and had been anxiously awaiting the moment I could finally see this film.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a booth out in front with many useful business cards, handouts, recipes and pamphlets.  A few people were passing out some of these items and were there to answer questions about the movie.

I walked in and the theater was already almost completely packed!  I figured that was a good sign.  I was hoping I wasn’t working myself up to be disappointed.  Not only was I not disappointed, I was blown away by this movie!

It was chock full of information based on decades of scientific research, including rudimentary but helpful visual graphics.

They even bring up the agricultural subsidies, the government is funding, that are making us sick (please reference my previous post).

Ten years ago I would have probably scoffed at the idea that eating meat, dairy and processed foods was bad for us.  It wasn’t until I became sick and learned about functional medicine, changed my diet, and have subsequently been reversing my autoimmune disease that I have done a complete 180.

This film should be viewed by EVERYONE, but at the very least by those who have chronic illnesses or know people with cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, or other terrible chronic illnesses.

Forks Over Knives” definitely provides food for thought.


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